Jason Pitt Slowly Strips

We find gay star Jason Pitt standing on his patio wearing a shoulder pad and chest protector combo.  Not sure what sport he was just playing, but I do know that Jason is horny and ready to masturbate for you on camera.   But in order to masturbate, he must first get naked and that is indeed what Jason Pitt intends to do for you with a slow strip.   The full masturbation set is courtesy of Freshman X.

Jason Pitt Outdoors

Jason Pitt was rocking the floppy hair over the forehead and eyes way before Tom Brady and Justin Bieber make it “cool”.   What a sexy guy.

Jason Pitt Bare Ass

Still standing out on his balcony, Jason slowly slides his sweats down past his smooth bare ass.   This bottom boy is just asking for it.

Jason Pitt Hard Cock

Mmmmmm,  now that cock looks so damn tasty.   Jason Pitt is butt ass naked as he lays on the floor with his big dick already out and full erect.  You know what that means!  He is a go for masturbation now guys!

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  1. albert archer says:

    again thank you jasonpitt take care good luck always

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