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Jason Flexes His Muscles And Ass

Welcome to today’s new blog post which features the tasty gay star Jason Pitt in a video flexing his muscles while his bare ass hangs exposes over his sweats.  He even gives a few sexy flexes of his glutes to really get your juices flowing.   The full video from Freshman X actually features Jason getting […]

Jason Pitt Slowly Strips

We find gay star Jason Pitt standing on his patio wearing a shoulder pad and chest protector combo.  Not sure what sport he was just playing, but I do know that Jason is horny and ready to masturbate for you on camera.   But in order to masturbate, he must first get naked and that is […]

Jason Pitt DVD Titles

Jason Pitt has been active since his debut in gay porn, and with a body and cock like his, it is easy to see why he has been in such high demand.   Jason stands 6’1 and weighs only 165 lbs.   2008 was the first year that Jason Pitt started in a gay dvd, and he […]

Get To Know Jason Pitt

Gay porn star Jason Pitt answered fan questions on the site Formspring and below are some of the selected questions and answers he responded too.  So now is your chance to get to know Jason Pitt even better than you may have before.   We were very happy to get a shoot from Jason in at […]

Gay star Jason Pitt Beats Off

Raise your hand if you want to watch the beautiful Jason Pitt beat off on camera for you.  I thought so!   Well here is a video clip of Jason masturbating his hard cock.  We enter the video as Jason is mid stroke and he is clearly enjoying the pleasure of jerking off, but I think […]

Jason Pitt Stroking Hard Cock

Its time to watch Jason Pitt strip down naked and begin stroking his cock.  This 6’1 star of over a dozen of gay porn flicks is here today to tease and please his hard cock for you.   After getting naked, Jason starts to rub and tug at his johnson until it is fully erect and […]